Carnival 2017 - Walking Theatre Show

Follow your personal Codega and find out the mistery of the Lagoon

Do not miss the chance to see the beautiful Venice Carnival

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What Makes This Tour Unique

  • Unusual itinerary in the heart of Venice

  • An amazing adventure in the mysteries of Carnival

  • Lots of stories and curiosities told by special hosts: the Pantakin actors

In Venice, from the middle of the fifteenth century, the nobles and the wealthy were preceded by a servant called "Codega" equipped with a lantern to enlighten their path in the darkness of night delighting them with anecdotes and stories. Today, your personal host, played by actors of the theatre company “Pantakin”, will guide you through the maze of mystery that belong to the lagoon.

A leap in the past that will inspire you to be the actors in a moving mise en scene and will push you in the heart of the life of the Serenissima Republic and its Carnival.

Through the stories of the “Codega” the visitors will be escorted to unusual and secret places of Venice that differ from the peaceful chaos of Carnival, to find out some interesting facts of the history and daily life of the Serenissima Republic.

You will be guided by your personal host, an actor of the well-known Theatrical Company Pantakin, that as the ancient Codega (the servant equipped with a lantern that enlighten the way of rich people in XV cent.) used to do will unveil the secrets of Venice, interpreting just for you old stories and tales.

You will find out why an angel guards the hole in a palace wall, that in Venice there is a “devil bridge” between two convents, you will learn about the secret language of fans, about the gondolier that became priest for a night and about the elephant that escaped its cage to find shelter in a church.

You will meet many characters of Venetian history: Giacomo Casanova, Cecilia Zen Tron, the spectre of the Levantine and a very special Virgin…

ROUTE: San Marco – Ca' Soranzo – Ca' Grimani – San Severo – Ponte del Diavolo – Sant'Antonin – San Lorenzo – Barbaria de le Tole – Santi Giovanni e Paolo – San Marco

The company Pantakin was born in Venice in 1995 as a popular theater company, with the aim of keeping alive the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte and theater mask, developing representations able to overcome language and cultural barriers. They have created many shows and events of great charm and appeal.



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Carnival 2017 - Walking Theatre Show (Code: 26VE)

Combine a walking tour to discover Venice with the magical atmosphere of the Carnival

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Start time: 11:00

Season: From February 18 to 28

Meeting point / Terminal: Central location in Venice (further details will be provided after booking)

This tour includes: professional actors

Afternoon option

Carnival 2015 - Walking Theatre Show (Code: 26VEBIS)

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Carnival 2015 - Walking Theatre Show (Code: 26VETER)

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