Florenz: Stadtführung am Nachmittag mit Uffizien

Fiesole, die Basilika von Santa Croce und die Uffizien

Eine Tour am Nachmittag mit den besten Florentiner Meisterwerken: Hügel von Fiesole, Basilika von S. Croce und Uffizien mit der "Geburt der Venus" von Botticelli.

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Was macht diese Tour so einzigartig

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  • Guided walk past the Franciscan Basilica of Santa Croce (where Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo are buried) to Piazza della Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery.

  • Guided visit of the famous Uffizi Gallery where you admire the superb works by Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. You will be overwhelmed by the incomparable beauty of this wonderful collection of paintings, frescoes, sculpture and fabulous views from the windows of the Gallery.

  • Uffizi Gallery Guided Visit in small group of max 14 pax - earphones starting from 6 pax

  • The pre-booked, skip the line ticket allows priority entry over the general admission long line

The tour begins with  the discovery of the historic city center visiting the scenic square and Gothic Church of Santa Croce (exterior). Then crossing Ponte alle Grazie, a pleasant guided walk on the left side of the Arno River will allow you to admire the elegant architecture of the Uffizi Gallery and the striking aerial structure of the Vasari Corridor and, on the background, the Dome of the Cathedral and Giotto's Bell Tower, the Towers of Palazzo Vecchio and Bargello. The ancient Church of Santa Felicita (*) surprises us with its portico surmounted by the Vasari Corridor and once inside, give us the amazing colours of two masterpieces by Pontormo, hosted in the Chapel designed by Brunelleschi. Then crossing the iconic Ponte Vecchio, after having caressed the nose of the famous “piglet” statue, we arrive in the monumental Piazza Signoria, with the imposing Palazzo Vecchio (exterior) and the beautiful Loggia del Lanzi where the sculptures of great Renaissance artists are collected. The tour continues with the guided visit of the famous Uffizi Gallery, in small groups of max 14 participants,  where it is possible to admire the superb paintings by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Giotto, Cimabue, Masaccio and many others.


The guided tour ends at the Uffizi Terrace where you can enjoy an amazing and exclusive view of the city’s most important monuments. Once the guided tour is over, it is possible to stay in the museum.




(*) inside visit when the access is allowed, closed on Sunday


Please note that the order of the visits may change

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Florenz: Stadtführung am Nachmittag mit Uffizien

Ein feiner Ausflug am Nachmittag, um einige der besten Meisterstücke von Florenz zu entdecken: das alte etruskische Dörfchen Fiesole, die Franziskanerkirche Santa Croce, die berühmte Piazza della Signoria mit Palazzo Vecchio und Loggia dei Lanzi. Die Tour setzt sich fort mit einer Führung in den Uffizien.

Dauer : 3 Stunden 30 Minuten

Anfangszeit: 14:30

Saison: Das ganze Jahr über - Täglich

Treffpunkt: At Piazza San Firenze (San Firenze Square), in front of San Firenze Cafe

Umfasst: Transport, Stadtführer, Museumseintritt mit Reservierung. Ab 15 Teilnehmern sind für die Museumsbesichtigung Kopfhörer inbegriffen.

Low Season 2019-2020

Florence afternoon City Tour: Santa Croce Church, Piazza Signoria and Uffizi Gallery skip the line

Santa Croce Church, Santa Felicita Church, Ponte Vecchio, Porcellino Market, Piazza Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia de’ Lanzi, Uffizi Gallery

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