A Memorable Dining Experience in a Florentine home

Your typical meal prepared according to the Florentine tradition

Enjoy the excellent food and warm hospitality of a Florentine house

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Cosa rende unico questo tour

  • Delicious dinner in a private house in the historic center of Florence, hosted by a professional Chef

  • Welcome drink and four-course traditional Italian menu

  • Fresh food cooked by an excellent cook and hostess!

Dinner will be served in a cozy dining room located in a private house. You will be welcomed by the owner who is a professional chef. Before your memorable dinner is served you can sit back and relax with a glass of good wine.

In the evening you will be served a four course meal prepared by a passionate hostess according to the Florentine cooking tradition. You will surely enjoy this delicious home-made food prepared with fresh local ingredients. No rush .... you can’t miss the opportunity to ask what the chef’s secrets  are....

The group is small, the place is intimate and candlelit and the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. A unique and memorable experience in your life!

For vegetarian guests, where necessary, will be offered alternative dishes.




Homemade bread (with fennel-with sun-dried tomatoes-with seasonal herbs-oil extra virgin….)

Panzanella Quinoa with roasted garlic cream, tomatoes, basil and pistachios

Florentine dumplings (Ricotta and spinach gnocchi) “no potatoes” with butter and sage

Quail with Vin Santo

Classic Tiramisù


Homemade bread (with fennel-with sun-dried tomatoes-with seasonal herbs-oil extra virgin….)

Samples of salami – Ham Venison – wild boar sausages – fresh Finocchiona

Buckwheat ravioli with caramelized pears goat cheese

“Ossobuco in disarray” with Chianti with carrots, onion and celery

Panna cotta


Vegetarian Menu Options are available.

Customers have to inform us, when booking, if vegetarian and/or if they have any food intolerance.

Outside beverages are not permitted: we offer an extensive wine list with selections to fit any budget from € 5.00 per glass.

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A Memorable Dining Experience in a Florentine home (Codice: GB1)

La cena sarà servita in un accogliente salotto, al secondo piano, in una casa privata. Il gruppo è piccolo, l'ambiente è intimo a lume di candela e l'atmosfera piacevole e cordiale.

Durata: 3 Ore

Orario partenza: 19:30

Periodo: All year round - Everyday

Punto di incontro: Central location in Florence (further details will be provided after booking)

La nostra proposta include: aperitivo, cena con 5 portate, incluso acqua minerale e caffe.

Vino non incluso, da pagare in loco (mezza bottiglia di vino toscano a partire da € 05,00 per persona)

Servizi opzionali

Special Gluten Free Dinner in a Florentine Home: excellent food, intimate and friendly atmosphere - small groups (Codice: GB3)

Do not miss the chance to dine in a typical florentine house with a delicious gluten free menu. 

Da 57,00 Prenota ora