Florence Cathedral rose window is finally restored!


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The wonderful Florence Cathedral rose window has been recently restored and is finally ready to show all its astonishing beauty!

Florence Cathedral Façade

This stained glazed window, an absolute masterpiece by Lorenzo Ghiberti – the great artist who cast the famous Gate of Paradise – will be displayed inside St. John’s Baptistery until the 8th of September, before to return on the Cathedral façade, at the height of 40 mts!

Florence Cathedral Rose Window

The cathedral rose window depicts the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 28 colourful panels made by Niccolò di Pietro Tedesco, an expert glassmaker, in 1405. This 10 Florentine “braccia” wide – approximately 6 mts – rose window belongs to a complex cycle of 44 stained glass windows hosted inside Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, the Florentine duomo.

St John’s Baptistery – whose Romanesque exterior is under restoration – hides magnificent jewels in its interior: the shining mosaics with biblical stories and a stunning Last Judgement. 

St. John’s Baptistery’s Dome

After admiring the dome concentrate on a gallery, which runs along the perimeter of the building. Let’s disclose another secret: you can access the “Matroneo” (a term which comes from the Latin word “matrona”, which means woman) – the elevated gallery once reserved to women – booking a special tour.

St. John’s Baptistery’s Matroneo

From this privileged point of view, you could admire the complex marble decoration of the floor, the outline of an ancient baptismal font and the mosaic’s details, discovering their secrets.

St. John’s Baptistery Marble Floor

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