Florence’s Fantastic Hills


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Florence hills panorama

Florence view from the hills. Photo by ajagendorf25 on Flickr

There are many places to visit in Florence, particularly in the beautiful centro storico, where you can witness some of the most famous and most beautiful artwork and sculpture in the world. However, the stunning countryside surrounding this Renaissance city is also worth a look, so on your next trip to Florence, why not combine the two?

Florence, as well as the famous River Arno, lie in a basin surrounded by a number of hills, including the archeologically significant Fiesole, Bellosguardo and Settignano. The latter, which can be found near to Fiesole, is home to a small village, which is nestled among the hills. Said to have been founded by the Romans (although some think even earlier), this location has a peaceful, ‘healthy’ atmosphere, as it overlooks not only the city of Florence, but fields and fields of grapes and olives too.

The hilly area of Pian dei Giullari is also worth a visit. Here you will find a small, charming village which is surrounded by acres of unspoilt countryside. It is home to a well-known theatre, and during the fourteenth century, companies of travelling minstrels, mimes and comedians would pass through here. The Bellosguardo hill on the other hand, rises above the Oltrano district and offers some intimate views over Florence. With olive tree-lined streets and ancient houses and villas, this place was once home to Galileo, and Florence Nightingale was also born here.

Around 6km from the city, another famous Florence hill in Scandicci; here you can visit picturesque old farmhouses and villas in a location which dates back to Roman times, and has more than fifty archaeological sites. Don’t miss the fourteenth century Acciaiolo Castle either. Finally, the small village of Villamagna can also be found on the hills surrounding Florence. The views from this point are nothing short of spectacular, as you look down over orchards, vineyards and of course, the Renaissance city itself.

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