Ciak! So “Inferno” Begins: how to be part of Ron Howard’s film


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The shooting of the film taken from Dan Brown‘s latest book Inferno has just finished and Florence has become the protagonist of the new work signed by the Hollywood director Ron Howard.

The Comedy Illuminating Florence by Domenico di Michelino

The actor Tom Hanks could be seen walking along the Medieval streets of the old city and the major Dario Nardella who got a tiny part in the film (we guess he won’t forget it, since it appears it was shot 12 times!) gave the film maker the keys of the city.

More than 3000 people have been recruited as extras and 350 workers have been recruited to work in the filming.. let us have a closer look at the backstage!

The appointment is at 4.30 am at Supercinema in via dei Cimatori. There you will see people coming from everywhere to work as extras in the film, “comparse” in Italian. Be part of such a famous film is really a “not to be missed” opportunity! Extras do not speak in the film, but they need to follow a rigid protocol, first of all regarding the dress code. Extras acting as female tourists can wear skirts or shorts only if not too short, pastel colours are preferred, no logos are allowed nor patterns. Background actors cannot leave the scene without permission and can be asked to remain on the set of the movie for extra hours.

The Stunning Palazzo Vecchio

The shooting started at Palazzo Vecchio – some extras enjoyed lunch in one of the Palace’s hall – and than moved to Boboli Garden passing from Ponte Vecchio. On the bridge you could even read a sign warning that if you walk there, you run the risk of being filmed!

Didn’t you succeed in having a role in the film? No worries!

A view of the Vasari Corridor and the Ponte Vecchio

You can be part of it strolling in the center of Florence trying to solve clues with Robert Langdon, the Harvard professor specialized in symbology and main character of Dan Brown’s best seller and the charming doctor Sienna Miller, who joined him in this adventure against time. Whether you read the book or you haven’t done it yet, you can spot the mysterious message “cerca trova” (seek and find) in the Vasari’s painting kept in the stunning Palazzo Vecchio and immerse yourself in this thrilling history, joining the tour “In the footsteps of Robert Langdon in the “Inferno” by Dan Brown“.

The Beautiful Boboli Gardens

You can enrich then your “Inferno Experience” through the following tours, leading to all the other monuments used as set of the movie:

You will certainly discover more about Florence, Dante and Ron Howard‘s brand new film!


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