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Florence opera Don Juan

A scene from Don Juan, Teatro Comunale. Photo by Alessandro Polito

Are you keen on experiencing some incredible Italian opera? Well, look no further than the Renaissance city of Florence. Opera is a product of Florentine thinkers and dates back to the sixteenth century, when a rise in theatrical performances took place under the powerful Medici rule. So why not enjoy opera at its very famous, and very beautiful birthplace?

Opera in Florence is said to have grown out of musical interludes that were played between theatre acts. One of the chief founders was Giulio Caccini; a tenor and composer to the Medici family. It is believed that the first opera was ‘Eurydice’ by Jacopo Peri, and was performed at the Palazzo Pitti. Thereafter, musical life in Florence revolved predominantly around two theatres: the Teatro della Pergola, which was built in 1656 and held the first opera performance by Mozart in Italy, and the Teatro Comunale (or Teatro del Maggio Musicale); now one of Italy’s leading opera houses.

The Teatro Comunale is the location of the annual Maggio Musicale Festival, which began in 1931. This event runs during May and June, and you can see a wide range of classical works and performances. Another famous location to witness some unforgettable Florentine opera is at the Santa Monica Church. Situated near the Palazzo Pitti, it has a varied programme of arias and duets. If you’re looking to see some Florence opera in June 2013, then this is the place to go. The San Marco Church religious complex is another great place for a wonderful opera experience; see The Barber of Seville on the 22nd of June or if you’ll be in Florence in July 2013, the opera you won’t want to miss is Don Giovanni, on the 18th.

And what about the dress code for Florence operas? A much debated topic indeed, but the general rule is to dress ‘nicely’. Many opera theatres in Florence don’t have a formal dress code, but a certain touch of elegance is always appreciated. If you are keen on attending an opening night performance however, you’d definitely be advised to dress up.

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