The figure of fury –Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo combined


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The City Council of Florence promotes the exhibition which compares Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo. Inaugurated on the 15th of April, it will last until July 27 and will take place between both Palazzo Vecchio and the old Courthouse of Florence in Piazza San Firenze, in Florence. Sixteen Pollock’s paintings are be exposed in Palazzo Vecchio near by the famous Michelangelo’s marble sculpture “The Genius of Victory” in the Salone dei Cinquecento.

The idea of this exhibition born on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Michelangelo Buonarroti’s death, studying some early drawings of Pollock it’s undeniable his fascination for the power and grace embodied in the naked bodies of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo more than 400 hundred years before.

Here an example:

Jackson Pollock Untitled – 1937-1939 graphite, colored pencils, pen and ink on paper – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York © Jackson Pollock, by SIAE 2014


This design represent the unquestionable proof of the interest held by the Artist for one of Michelangelo’s masterpiece: “The Creation of Adam”. The image of the near-touching hands of God and Adam which has become iconic by the a-fresco painting part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, which illustrates the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God breathes life into Adam, the first man.

This drawings were exceptionally loaned for the exhibition by The Metropolitan Museum in New York, for the very first time in Italy, there will be some more paintings from private collections as well as. If you didn’t get the opportunity to see them in New York or in some private collection, don’t miss the chance to see them in Florence!

The second section of the exhibition will be located in the old Courthouse, characterized by interactive and educational multimedia devices which will guide the visitor to a new way of experiencing art and understand the works of this great American Artist. There will be shown some movies and audios which will help to comprehend the way of Pollock composed his paintings, leaving to the visitor the liberty to compare this genius of Western art.

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For further information on the exhibition visit the exhibition Official Web site: Jackson Pollock “The figure of fury”

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