Portovenere and the glorious Cinque Terre


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Cinque Terre - Ligurian coast

Ligurian coast – Cinque Terre

The region of Tuscany is home to picturesque countryside, amazing views and incredible beaches. But one part that really stands out among the others, is the Ligurian coast. With its collection of compact settlements, including Portovenere and the famous Cinque Terre, the stunning views, natural stone houses and winding streets make this area of Tuscany a wonder to behold. So why not explore the Ligurian coast for yourself, with one of our Cinque Terre tours?

The small villages that can be found in this area are different to what you may find in other parts of Tuscany. This is because they have been built directly onto the rock, creating a totally unique appearance. The steep, rugged terrain dotted with these small settlements has been said to really represent the interaction between people and nature, and truly creates a magnificent scene.

The famous five villages of the Cinque Terre date back to the middle ages, and were built mainly during the 12th century. These historical settlements aren’t so easily accessible, but that definitely makes them even more special. Monterosso al Mare is home to the ruins of an old castle, and is dominated by a 17th century monastery. Quaint Vernazza, with its narrow streets and small square, has wonderful examples of Ligurian gothic architecture, and Manarola is a small hamlet with houses built upon a rocky spur. Corniglia is the only village which has no actual contact with the sea (but is described as being a ‘balcony’), and Riomaggiore is furthest south; a village dominated by its church and 13th century castle.

The main cultural and historical centre of this area is Portovenere, a charming, medieval fishing village situated just south of the Cinque Terre. Like these five villages, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to see why. In this outstanding area of natural beauty, you’ll find brightly coloured houses lined up along the harbour, as the gothic style church of San Pietro looks out over the sea. Portovenere has been occupied since the prehistoric and Roman periods, and was a Genoese stronghold during medieval times.

In the Cinque Terre and its surrounding area, there is a definite lack of corporate development, and that’s part of what makes this part of Liguria so beautiful and so popular. In fact, many tourists flock to the Cinque Terre, and nearby Portovenere to see for themselves just how outstanding this area actually is. So why not take part in our bestselling Cinque Terre tour? You’ll enjoy getting back to nature whilst visiting the picturesque Cinque Terre villages along the wonderful Ligurian coast, and have the pleasure of tasting a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant. After a morning of exhilarating hiking, you’ll definitely be ready to try some hearty local produce!

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