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Ponte Vecchio Vasari Corridor Florence

The Vasari corridor on Ponte Vecchio by Robert Kent

There are a great many museums in Florence, but nothing quite compares to one very special Florence attraction: namely the magnificent Vasari Corridor. Fancy stepping into the shoes of the famous Medici family and seeing how they crossed into the centre of Florence, without having to face wind, rain, undesirable folk and of course, threats to their lives? Then take a tour of the Vasari Corridor!

So how did this amazing construction first come about? It actually only took about 5 months to build, and the man responsible was Giorgio Vasari, who completed the corridor in 1565. This covered walkway, which is about one kilometer long, was built for the Grande Duke and links the Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace, passing thought the Uffizi Gallery and the Santa Felicita church along the way, before making its way right over the Ponte Vecchio. Today, the characteristic Ponte Vecchio is home to many goldsmiths, but it wasn’t always like this. Before the Corridor was built, the Ponte actually housed a meat market, but, rather understandably, this wasn’t quite to the Duke’s liking, as he didn’t want to be confronted with smelly meat as he used his prestigious passageway!

This monumental footpath was a direct and easy way into the historical centre of the city, but it wasn’t just used for ease of access. The corridor was, and continues to be used as a place to exhibit a huge collection of paintings that date back as far as the 17th century, as well as a whole host of self-portraits by famous artists such as Rubens and Delacroix. As well as this impressive art collection, which was started by Cardinal Leopoldo de’Medici in the 17th century, the corridor provides a thrilling view of the city, as you can pretty much walk over the top of people’s heads, and spy on them from above! This intriguing and somewhat mysterious way to discover Florence was reopened to the public in 1973, and the only way you can enjoy the experience for yourself, is with a Vasari Corridor tour.

Caf Tours do a range of guided tours in Florence, Italy, including an extra special Vasari Corridor tour. We will lead you through this incredible passageway, all the way from the Palazzo Vecchio, passing by the many famous works of art, to the Palazzo Pitti. Don’t miss this fantastic tour and the opportunity to enjoy an experience like no other. What better way is there to really see Florence, than with this exclusive tour?

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