The Splendid Castles of Chianti


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Chianti castle Brolio

The casle of Brolio in Chianti region. Photo:

The Chianti wine region, located in Tuscany, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Italy. Home to miles upon miles of gentle rolling hills, vast vineyards and historic towns and villages nestled on hilltops, a visit to Chianti is a must. As well as being the birthplace of some of the most famous wines in the world, such as the prestigious Chianti Classico DOCG, this peaceful and ancient land is also home to a large number of strikingly beautiful castles.

There are many castles in Chianti, as well as fortified farmhouses, monasteries, abbeys and towers; all surrounded by small rivers, walled villages and narrow roads. These incredible historic buildings fit perfectly into the harmonious landscape, and there are often only a few kilometres between each of them. There are so many castles to see in Chianti, so here are a few noteworthy ones that are definitely worth a visit.

Located in the charming Gaiole in Chianti is the Castello di Brolio. This is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating monuments in this area, as it stands majestically on a hill, surrounded by cypress trees. It has been home to the Ricasoli family since the middle ages and has produced wine since the 12th century. In fact, it is one of the oldest wine producing estates in the world. Another castle in Gaiole is Castello di Spaltenna, which is also located on a hill and surrounded by lush vegetation. This grand complex includes a parish church, bell tower and monastery. If you head to Radda in Chianti you’ll come across the sandstone castle of Volpaia, as well as the ancient abbey of Badia a Coltibuono. It has over 1000 years of history and is also a renowned wine growing estate. Go here for some truly spectacular views.

In order to explore these castles and monasteries, you can follow one of the Chianti Castles routes, which take you around some of the most stunning areas of Chianti and are a slow-paced, relaxing way to explore the history of Chianti. There are six clearly signposted itineraries to choose from, such as the ‘yellow’ route which includes Gaiole and Badia a Coltibuono, the ‘blue route’ which includes Castello di Brolio and the ‘brown’ itinerary, along which you can find Pieve di Spaltenna.

There’s no better way to explore the wonders of the Chianti countryside, with its impressive castles and delicious wine, than by taking one of our Chianti tours from Florence! With our Chianti wine tasting and castle tour, you can enjoy a peaceful drive through the wonderful landscape, visit a medieval castle and enjoy some wine tasting on one of the most famous wine growing estates in Chianti. Come and explore Chianti’s castles with us!

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