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The vintage Vespa is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised symbols of Italy. This simple, practical vehicle can be seen and heard in the main squares of towns and cities all over Italy, and is famous not only for its design, but also for being the first ever globally successful scooter. And it [...]

The Renaissance in Florence was a time of artistic and cultural upheaval, with names such as Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci making their mark in history. But during this period, there were several other Florentines, namely the famous Pazzi family, who wanted to make changes in society, and definitely not with paintbrushes. The Pazzi [...]

There are a great many museums in Florence, but nothing quite compares to one very special Florence attraction: namely the magnificent Vasari Corridor. Fancy stepping into the shoes of the famous Medici family and seeing how they crossed into the centre of Florence, without having to face wind, rain, undesirable folk and of course, threats [...]

There are many shopping tours in Florence, Italy, but none quite convey the beauty and creativity of this incredible city, like a Florentine handicraft tour. Traditionally, handicraft in Tuscany was one of the most important activities used to bolster the region’s economy, and there’s no better place to gain an insight into the true artistic [...]

Terrific Tiramisu


One of the most popular Italian desserts is the Tiramisu. But a classic tiramisu is not just a yummy, gooey, coffee flavoured end to your meal. With a disputed history and a host of variations on the tiramisu recipe, this Italian dolce is much more than just a delicious dessert.

“The piazza is packedwith a rabble of poor, filthy peasants. The bell tolls nine, and the crowd’s attention focuses on three men. Having been victims of cruel degredation, they now stand in their under garments, ready to be strung up and burnt to death…”

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy

One of the most famous structures in the beautiful city of Florence is the Palazzo Vecchio, which stands in the historically significant Piazza della Signoria. This incredible place has been the city’s town hall for about 700 years, but this wasn’t its only purpose. The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence is bursting with intrigue, beauty and [...]


Upon hearing the word ‘syndrome’, you are inclined to think of something bad, something negative, or something painful. Well, this particular syndrome, the ‘Stendhal Syndrome‘ is pretty bad, but funnily enough, it is borne out of seeing something so good.

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