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If you are travelling to Florence and you are a “Fashion Victim”, probably there’s a word that you should keep in mind, even more than “Grazie” or : that word is..OUTLET! In the last few years many of this particular shops have grown everywhere and Florence is the ideal location if you are looking for [...]

There have been a great number of famous Tuscan people throughout history, and many of these are known for their contribution to Italian fashion and style. One of these famous Italians is Guccio Gucci. The story of Gucci and the famous fashion house is an interesting one, so read on for some interesting Guccio Gucci [...]

Florence is well-known for its fantastic shopping opportunities. From small, family owned shops selling local handicrafts to glitzy designer boutiques, Florence has it all. This renaissance city is also home to a wonderful array of markets. You can find all kinds of bargains at these popular markets in Florence, so why not take a stroll [...]

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful shopping destination than Florence. What could be more relaxing than wandering around the huge selection of shops and markets, surrounded by stunning Renaissance architecture? Florence is undoubtedly one of the most important fashion cities in Italy, if not Europe, as a whole host of Italian fashion brands are [...]

There are many shopping tours in Florence, Italy, but none quite convey the beauty and creativity of this incredible city, like a Florentine handicraft tour. Traditionally, handicraft in Tuscany was one of the most important activities used to bolster the region’s economy, and there’s no better place to gain an insight into the true artistic [...]

The Florentine brand Ferragamo is recognised not only in Italy, but all over the world. And whether it’s the cork soled wedge sandal, the famous Ferragamo bagor the family’s wine producing estate in Arezzo, the name Ferragamo is always synonymous with quality and true style.

The Mall outlet Shopping Tour - Florence, Italy

As well as being famous for its legendary historical landmarks, excellent cuisine and incredible coffee, Italy is well known for its sense of style. If you were asked to name some famous fashion designers, chances are you would, possibly without even knowing it, name many Italians. Gucci? Italian. Prada? Italian. Valentino? Well, you get the [...]

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