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Things to do in Florence - Duomo

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There are many things to see in Florence. So many in fact, that it’s difficult to know where to begin! Whether you enjoy art, sculpture, architecture, history or shopping, there are numerous Florence attractions to suit all tastes! Here is our definitive list of 5 things that you must do whilst in Florence…

Climb the Duomo

Florence is home to a spectacular Renaissance Cathedral, complete with an architecturally stunning dome. This dome was the work of Filippo Brunelleschi and offers not only breath-taking views of the city, but also a collection of wonderful frescoes designed by Vasari. The only catch? You need to climb 463 steps to reach the top…

Take time out at the Loggia della Signoria

The Piazza della Signoria is, and always was, the civic centre of the city, where you can find the grand Palazzo Vecchio, as well as a host of cafes and restaurants. But make sure you head over to the Loggia della Signoria which is nestled in the corner. Here, you can enjoy an open air gallery of Renaissance sculpture, including the Medici Lions and a copy of Michelangelo’s David. You’ll need a moment or two to take it all in!

Browse the jewellery on the Ponte Vecchio

This famous bridge has become symbolic the city of Florence. Built in 1345 and once home to a number of smelly butchers shops, this wonderful bridge is now home to some of the most prestigious jewellery shops in the city. Even if you don’t buy, take the time to browse the shiny window displays of some of the finest gold and silver brooches, hairpins, buckles, and bracelets; all of which carry the quality label ‘Made in Florence’.

Witness The Birth of Venus

Built in 1560, the Uffizi gallery has become one of the most famous art galleries in the world, showcasing some of the most incredible Renaissance artwork in existence. Housing masterpieces by Botticelli, Tiziano, Rafaello and Michelangelo, it truly is an unforgettable experience. With so many wonderful paintings, it’s near impossible to recommend a must see. However, Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus is definitely near the top of our list. Don’t miss the Caravaggio room either.

Admire Michelangelo’s most famous work

We are of course talking about David. You’ve seen the copy on Piazza della Signoria, now check out the real thing at the Galleria dell’Academia. You won’t be disappointed.
Still can’t decide what to see in Florence? We have a solution for you! Why not take our highlights of Florence walking tour, and let our expert guide lead you around the most beautiful sights in this famous Renaissance city? From the Duomo to the Palazzo Vecchio and the wonders of the Uffizi, this tour has everything you need to enjoy a great day in Florence.

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