Safe Payment

This shop uses GestPay, the Banca Sella system for Internet payments by credit card.

The information you provide about your credit card data will be sent to Banca Sella (Help-desk ecommerce Tel 015 2434640) through a secure server that uses 128-bit SSL3, the highest security standard for sending sensitive information through the Internet.

SSL is issued, certified and secured by Verisign.

The system works simultaneously on two levels of control:

  • 128bit SSL3: protects your data by forwarding your browser to the server of Banca Sella making them unreadable to third parties.
  • Verisign: certify a Secure Server ID that is actually communicating only with the server of Banca Sella.

Therefore, the information on your credit card are processed exclusively by Banca Sella for the controls, which are necessary to authorize the payment online. 

The operator, therefore, will not have access your credit card data, but will manage only the data (name, surname, address ...) which are necessary in order to send products at your home.