Visite à pied de Sienne - Matin

Enjoy this amazing tour and discover the charm of the Palio's City

Your guide will take you along the medieval streets, admiring the monuments, the imposing buildings and the hidden narrow streets, here you will relive the medieval mood of the past

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Qu'est-ce qui Rend cette Visite Unique

  • Thoroughly guided visit of Siena with the magnificent shell-shaped square Piazza del Campo

  • Guided visit to the Museum and Oratory of a "Contrada", exclusive access!

An unforgettable Guided Walking Tour will make you discover this marvelous medieval city; you will enjoy a guided tour of the old town centre. The guided visit of Siena starts in its most beautiful square, Piazza del Campo, of which the Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) is the focal point. Then you will stroll along its fascinating streets and squares, reaching a Museum and an Oratory of a Contrada*, where you can experience the authentic atmosphere of the town. The Contrade (districts into which the town is divided) are the real core of the local social life, where inhabitants of each district compete with each other as they devote themselves to preparations for the well-known Palio horse-race. The contrada is not simply a district: it is a small state having its own legacy of traditions, memories and emotions, including its own flag and anthem. The Museum of a contrada, as well as its Oratory, is therefore the heart of the district. This is an intimate and secret place - with exclusive access - containing historical documents and wonderful relics of the famous Palio, as well as magnificent works of art, which are normally not disclosed to the public. In other words, a truly exclusive and valuable experience. The visit ends when you will reach the highest point of the city, where the spectacular 12th century Cathedral magnificently stands.

Please note that the order of the visits may change

*When the Museum and the Oratory of the Contrada are not accessible, will be replaced with another site of particular historic and cultural interest. 

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Visite à pied de Sienne - Matin

Visit this wonderful city with an experienced guide at your side. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere that exudes the air of the famous Palio.

Durée: 1 Heure 15 Minutes

Heure de départ: 15:15

Période: From April to October - Everyday

Point de rencontre: Central location in Siena (further details will be provided after booking)


This tour includes: local guide in Siena, museum entrance fees: Museum and Oratory of a Contrada.


La visite en Bref

Best of Siena Guided Walking Tour with Siena Cathedral and Libreria Piccolomini interior visit

Your unforgettable Guided Walking Tour will be enriched by the amazing Guided Visit of the famous Siena Cathedral, built in the 12th century, together with its Libreria Piccolomini, to discover the beauty of its treasures and works of art; among them, the not-to-be-missed floor (during the opening period), decorated with the art of mosaics to create storytelling masterpieces, St. John the Baptist by Donatello, the rose window by Duccio di Buoninsegna, the marble pulpit by Nicola Pisano, the Library which kept a rich collection of manuscripts.

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