Excursion to Pisa through the Tuscan countryside with Chinese-speaking Guide

Explore Pisa and discover its wonders led by a professional Chinese-speaking Guide, with a comfortable Excursion from Florence, on a luxury minivan.

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During your stay in Florence, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the splendid maritime city of Pisa, famous for its history, the beauty of its monuments and the famous Leaning Tower, one of the seven wonders of the world. The city is also famous for being a marvelous example of Romanesque architecture, to be the birthplace of Galileo Galilei and to host one of the most important existing universities.
Through this exclusive experience for small groups, you can easily reach the city of Pisa from Florence, on board a luxury minivan and in the company of a professional mother tongue Chinese guide.
Once you reach the destination, your guide will be happy to accompany you on an exciting walking tour of the most important streets and squares of the city center, during which you can appreciate all the most representative monuments.
You will immediately be struck by the sparkling beauty of the white marble monuments that make up the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli: the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery and of course, the Leaning Tower. This monument, made unique in the world because of the instability of the ground below, is 55.86 meters high from the ground on its lower side and 56.70 meters on its highest side and has a slope of about 4 degrees: being able to admire it live will surely remain a indelible memory of your Italian holiday!
During your walk you can also explore the streets of the historic center that surround Piazza dei Miracoli, along which you can go into the perfectly preserved city center and admire the splendid Piazza dei Cavalieri, once representative of the city's political center and the enchanting Piazza Arcivescovado, where you can admire the homonymous Palace.
Before leaving Pisa, you can take advantage of free time at your disposal to take unforgettable memories and enjoy a delicious Italian espresso in one of the bars in the center.

Excursion to Pisa through the Tuscan countryside with Chinese-speaking Guide

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