Highlights of Tuscany Semi-independent Tour with Lunch for Chinese Travellers

Spend a once in a lifetime experience on an unforgettable day trip, discovering charming Tuscan cities and enjoying lunch and wine in a typical winery

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Depart for Siena, driving through the lovely Chianti vineyards, getting there while the town is still immersed in early morning drowsiness; the perfect time of day to wander around the pedestrian-friendly heart of this beautiful hilltop town, drenched in history.

During your free time, stroll through Siena city center at your own pace to admire the stunning Medieval old town, where to discover the famous Piazza del Campo and the gorgeous Cathedral.

A short journey then takes us to a family run wine-farm in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.

Here we shall have a delicious, traditional Tuscan lunch served with typical wines from our region.

After lunch, San Gimignano is only minutes away. Considered one of the most beautiful medieval hilltop towns in Italy, this Unesco World Heritage site is often nicknamed the “Manhattan of the Middle Ages” because its famous tall, narrow towers create a skyline that looks a bit like a modern city.

Here you have free time to explore the charming craftsmen’s shops along the cobbled stone streets and small squares, sample an award-winning gelato and thread your way between the town’s famous medieval towers.

From San Gimignano, we drive past hilltop hamlets, or little churches, scattered over some of the most beautiful and enchanting countryside.

The Chianti landscape features in much Tuscan art of the Renaissance and it hasn't changed much since the 14th century.

We finally wind down the hillsides towards the coast, to Pisa, our last destination for the day.

Getting off the coach, we reach the Field of Miracles, a green grass field dominated by the dazzling white buildings of the Cathedral or Duomo, the Tower and the Baptistery - exquisite examples of Pisan Romanesque architecture: the Leaning Tower is almost 56 meters tall (about 183 ft).

Building began in the 1100s but took almost 200 years to complete! You are in one of the most renowned places in the world: revel in it, take creative photographs or wander off down the local streets.

Highlights of Tuscany Semi-independent Tour with Lunch for Chinese Travellers

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