Florence: Accademia Gallery and Duomo morning Guided visit with Direct access

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  • Immerse yourself in the magnificent Renaissance artworks at the Accademia Gallery
  • Marvel at the iconic creations of Michelangelo, including the renowned Statue of David
  • Embark on a guided exploration accompanied by a knowledgeable local expert
  • Bypass the lengthy queues and savor your visit without the hassle of waiting for tickets
  • Uncover the splendor of one of the world's most stunning and expansive cathedrals
  • Delight in an intimate tour experience with a small, single-language group
  • Gain access to the Misericordia Museum, conveniently situated in front of the Cathedral
  • Experience breathtaking vistas of Cathedral Square and its monuments from the Museum's pinnacle

Da 76,00

Durata: 2h approx

Ora inizio: Multiple start times

Stagionalità: From April to October

At the corner between Via Ricasoli and Piazza San Marco, in front of the loggiato of Accademia delle Belle Arti.

Vedi il Punto d’incontro su Google Maps - Accademia Gallery Vedi il Punto d’incontro su Google Maps - Museo della Misericordia

Immerse yourself in the world of Michelangelo to explore his most celebrated masterpiece, "David," as well as other significant artistic creations like "I Prigioni," "San Matteo," and the "Palestrina Pietà."

A young Michelangelo spent three years sculpting the magnificent "David" from a massive block of raw marble, crafting an imposing work of absolute beauty that stands as an iconic example of the Renaissance ideal. He portrayed a splendid, naked young man at the peak of his physical prowess, reflecting an intense expression of strength and courage born from unwavering faith in God. This sculpture symbolizes the power and invincibility of the Florentine Republic, with the rose serving as a representation of its maximum splendor.

Following the guided tour, you have the option to stay inside the museum.

Upon entering the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, a repository of invaluable artistic treasures, you will be immediately captivated by the grace of the three naves. Under the guidance of your expert guide, you will appreciate the beauty of the splendid marble choir by Bandinelli, the intricate stained-glass windows crafted by Donatello, Ghiberti, and Andrea del Castagno, as well as the unique and clock designed by Paolo Uccello. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to stroll across a marvelous mosaic of colorful marbles. As you look upwards, you'll behold the vast, lavishly frescoed interior of the Dome, a monumental fresco that ranks as the largest in the world, painted by Vasari. Brunelleschi's renowned Dome, an unparalleled symbol of Renaissance architecture, stands as the most colossal masonry dome ever constructed.

Adjacent to the Cathedral on Piazza del Duomo, you'll also have the privilege of exploring the esteemed Museo della Misericordia. Furthermore, at the museum's fourth floor, you'll relish a breathtaking view of Cathedral Square and its monuments, ideal for capturing stunning photographs. From this vantage point, it almost feels as if you can reach out and touch each monument!

  • Caf Tour’s Staff Assistance at the Meeting Point
  • Local Professional Guide
  • Accademia Skip-the-line Entrance Ticket
  • Florence Duomo direct and dedicated access
  • Earphones
  • Free of charge Ticket to access the inti

  • We suggest to wear comfortable shoes
  • Appropriate clothing is mandatory to visit places of worship
  • Access to the Cathedral is allowed only if equipped with suitable clothing: It is forbidden entry with shorts, bare shoulders, sandals, hats and sunglasses.
  • It is mandatory to arrive at the meeting point at the mentioned check in time. In case of delay it will not be possible to join the visit, nor to have a refund or reschedule the guided visit.
  • It is mandatory to arrive 30 minutes early at the Cathedral meeting point because, before the visit, after receiving the entrance ticket, it is mandatory to deposit all the objects required by the Regulations and the following types of bags at the cloakroom (Piazza Duomo, 38/r):

  • Backpacks of any bulk or size and any bag designed to be worn on the back;
  • Bags, suitcases, parcels, bags and containers in general that exceed the dimensions of 35cm x 30cm x 15cm:
  • Attention: baggage retrieval must take place at the end of the visit according to the scheduled time. In any case, the duration of the deposit cannot exceed the closing time of the cloakroom.

  • Any object which, in the unquestionable judgment of the staff in charge, may constitute a danger to other visitors or to the integrity and safety of the structure.