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Want to discover some curious, funny or even odd facts about this wonderful nation? Then look no further than our curiosities category. Find out about the humorous tale of the Contrade of Siena, how the village of Monteriggioni was appreciated both by Dante and a modern video game and how it was a cockerel that decided on the Chianti territory between Siena and Florence!

Are you coming to Florence with your partner or are you simply keen on fascinating passed love stories and secret passions? Here you find a tour that you can’t absolutely miss!

Wandering in Piazza della Signoria is a full immersion in the past of Florence. The political message of Cosimo I the Medici shaped the square in which the imposing Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace) stands since 1299. But this lively square hides a sad chapter in the history of Florence..

The shooting of the film taken from Dan Brown‘s latest book Inferno has just finished and Florence has become the protagonist of the new work signed by the Hollywood director Ron Howard. The actor Tom Hanks could be seen walking along the Medieval streets of the old city and the major Dario Nardella who got [...]

The 07th of September takes place one of the Florentine most traditional and particular Festivals, the renowned “Rificolona”. During the itinerary, from Piazza Santa Felicita to Piazza SS. Annunziata, many Florentine children carry colorful paper lanterns, illuminated by a candle.

Florence is well-known for its beautiful architecture and famous works of art, that you can see all over the historical centre of the city. Tourists flock to these areas, but there are also several hidden treasures located here. If you’re keen to discover a little bit of Florence off the beaten path, then we have [...]

Florence is well-known for its fantastic shopping opportunities. From small, family owned shops selling local handicrafts to glitzy designer boutiques, Florence has it all. This renaissance city is also home to a wonderful array of markets. You can find all kinds of bargains at these popular markets in Florence, so why not take a stroll [...]

One of the most visited and most famous marketplaces in Florence is the Mercato Nuovo. This attractive, covered marketplace was actually built by Cosimo de’Medici, and is located in the historic centre of Florence, not far from the Ponte Vecchio. It was once home to all manner of valuable products, but now it is home [...]

film set in Tuscany Hannibal Florence

With its rolling green hills,dramatic coastline and medieval villages perched on hilltops, it’s no wonder that film directors select the wonderful region of Tuscany as their film set. Both Italian and international directors have chosen Tuscany as a beautiful and characteristic backdrop to their films; hundreds of movies have been shot here. Thousands of tourists [...]

May is undoubtedly one of the best months to visit Italy. Many people choose to come to Italy during this month largely due to the weather, which is pleasant and mild; not at all uncomfortably hot like the summer months can be. A lot of people also come to enjoy the abundance of roses, as [...]

Wine and the Romans


With its unique atmosphere, bustling ancient streets and incredible monuments, Rome is by far one of the most exciting and historically significant cities in the world. Many aspects of Western civilization that we see today can be attributed to the ancient Romans, such as governments, laws and transport networks. But one of the most lasting [...]

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful shopping destination than Florence. What could be more relaxing than wandering around the huge selection of shops and markets, surrounded by stunning Renaissance architecture? Florence is undoubtedly one of the most important fashion cities in Italy, if not Europe, as a whole host of Italian fashion brands are [...]

Located on a hilltop near Siena and San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, characterised by its stunning medieval walls, has been labelled a quintessential Tuscan village. It is well known for its wine production, picturesque countryside location and laid back way of life. It is also one of the most well preserved and best known walled towns in [...]


Upon hearing the word ‘syndrome’, you are inclined to think of something bad, something negative, or something painful. Well, this particular syndrome, the ‘Stendhal Syndrome‘ is pretty bad, but funnily enough, it is borne out of seeing something so good.

The Mall outlet Shopping Tour - Florence, Italy

As well as being famous for its legendary historical landmarks, excellent cuisine and incredible coffee, Italy is well known for its sense of style. If you were asked to name some famous fashion designers, chances are you would, possibly without even knowing it, name many Italians. Gucci? Italian. Prada? Italian. Valentino? Well, you get the [...]

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