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Tuscany is home to a wealth of brands and symbols, known and recognised worldwide, including the Italian fashion brand Ferragamo, the classic Vespa, produced in Pontedera, and the car which truly represents Italy, namely the vintage Fiat 500. Take a peek at this category to find all of our articles on these Tuscan symbols and famous brands.

Are you coming to Florence with your partner or are you simply keen on fascinating passed love stories and secret passions? Here you find a tour that you can’t absolutely miss!

Most of us are going to the Uffizi museum to see masterpieces such as The Birth of Venus and the Allegory of Spring by Botticelli. Yesterday I discovered an interesting story behind a painting I hadn’t noticed.

It’s September, but Florence is still crowded and museums are often packed. Far to be snob, I consider myself a Florentine, even if I’ve been living here only since 2013. Maybe, because I feel a local, sometimes you risk to take all this beauty for granted.. That’s why last Tuesday I visited the Accademia Gallery, [...]

Wandering in Piazza della Signoria is a full immersion in the past of Florence. The political message of Cosimo I the Medici shaped the square in which the imposing Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace) stands since 1299. But this lively square hides a sad chapter in the history of Florence..

This year, from the 21st to the 29th of September, the World Cycling Championships will take place in Florence. This tough race will take the riders past some of Florence’s most famous landmarks as well as around various other locations nearby. So why don’t you take to the saddle too? Get ready to explore beautiful [...]

The vintage Vespa is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised symbols of Italy. This simple, practical vehicle can be seen and heard in the main squares of towns and cities all over Italy, and is famous not only for its design, but also for being the first ever globally successful scooter. And it [...]

The Florentine brand Ferragamo is recognised not only in Italy, but all over the world. And whether it’s the cork soled wedge sandal, the famous Ferragamo bagor the family’s wine producing estate in Arezzo, the name Ferragamo is always synonymous with quality and true style.

It’s the car that represents Italy, the Italian people and the escape from a very turbulent period in history. A humble yet stylish vehicle, the vintage Fiat 500 truly represents Italian culture and is synonymous with the easy going dolce vita style. Fiat products are developed and driven not only in Italy, but worldwide, and [...]

Leaning Tower Pisa Tour

All over the world, there are a great number of incredible architectural structures. Many of them grand, elegant and vast in their size and influence. But there is one structure, one very famous piece of architecture than is known not for its grandness, elegance or size, but instead for the fact that it’s, well, totally [...]

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