The City Council of Florence promotes the exhibition which compares Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo. Inaugurated on the 15th of April, it will last until July 27 and will take place between both Palazzo Vecchio and the old Courthouse of Florence in Piazza San Firenze, in Florence. Sixteen Pollock’s paintings are be exposed in Palazzo Vecchio near by the famous Michelangelo’s marble sculpture “The Genius of Victory” in the Salone dei Cinquecento. Continue reading »

Florence hills panorama

Florence view from the hills. Photo by ajagendorf25 on Flickr

There are many places to visit in Florence, particularly in the beautiful centro storico, where you can witness some of the most famous and most beautiful artwork and sculpture in the world. However, the stunning countryside surrounding this Renaissance city is also worth a look, so on your next trip to Florence, why not combine the two? Continue reading »

The story of Gucci

Vintage Gucci bags. Photo by

There have been a great number of famous Tuscan people throughout history, and many of these are known for their contribution to Italian fashion and style. One of these famous Italians is Guccio Gucci. The story of Gucci and the famous fashion house is an interesting one, so read on for some interesting Guccio Gucci facts… Continue reading »

Michelangelo hidden portrait Florence

The hidden portrait of Michelangelo in Florence

Florence is well-known for its beautiful architecture and famous works of art, that you can see all over the historical centre of the city. Tourists flock to these areas, but there are also several hidden treasures located here. If you’re keen to discover a little bit of Florence off the beaten path, then we have some great suggestions. In Florence, there are several ‘hidden’ figures located, unsurprisingly, in some not-so-obvious places! Continue reading »

Cantucci biscuits and vin santo

Cantucci biscuits and Vin Santo by paPisc on Flickr

One of the most popular Tuscan desserts is the delicious cantucci biscuit, or to use its Italian name: Cantucci di Prato. They originate from Prato, which is the second largest city in Tuscany, and is home to many culinary specialities. So, what makes these biscuits so special, and more importantly, how do you make them? Continue reading »

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