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If you are visiting Florence, there’s a place which is very well worth a visit: the Spedale degli Innocenti, an historical building located in Piazza Ss. Annunziata. Originally a children’s orphanage, the building was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in the 15th century and it is probably the most ancient example of Renaissance architecture existing. The [...]

The 07th of September takes place one of the Florentine most traditional and particular Festivals, the renowned “Rificolona”. During the itinerary, from Piazza Santa Felicita to Piazza SS. Annunziata, many Florentine children carry colorful paper lanterns, illuminated by a candle.

This year, from the 21st to the 29th of September, the World Cycling Championships will take place in Florence. This tough race will take the riders past some of Florence’s most famous landmarks as well as around various other locations nearby. So why don’t you take to the saddle too? Get ready to explore beautiful [...]

film set in Tuscany Hannibal Florence

With its rolling green hills,dramatic coastline and medieval villages perched on hilltops, it’s no wonder that film directors select the wonderful region of Tuscany as their film set. Both Italian and international directors have chosen Tuscany as a beautiful and characteristic backdrop to their films; hundreds of movies have been shot here. Thousands of tourists [...]

Every year, the Tuscan city of Siena hosts one of the most historic and colourful events in Italy. The event, which dates back to 1281, is the Siena Palio. The Palio is an important horserace that takes place around the Piazza del Campo. Practically the whole city gets involved, but it isn’t just the race [...]

If Calcio Storico Fiorentino, or Florentine football, were to be summed up in one word, that word may well be ‘aggressive’! This rather brutal and bloody game goes back a long way, and it is said to be the origin of many modern ball games, such as football and rugby. So how did Florentine football [...]

Siena’s Duomo, or cathedral, has been attracting huge numbers of tourists for many years. Drawn by the incredible thirteenth century gothic architecture and impressive collection of art, it is always at the top of every visitor’s itinerary. And if the stunning aesthetics of Siena Cathedral weren’t already enough to capture your interest, then the recent [...]

May is undoubtedly one of the best months to visit Italy. Many people choose to come to Italy during this month largely due to the weather, which is pleasant and mild; not at all uncomfortably hot like the summer months can be. A lot of people also come to enjoy the abundance of roses, as [...]

Wine and the Romans


With its unique atmosphere, bustling ancient streets and incredible monuments, Rome is by far one of the most exciting and historically significant cities in the world. Many aspects of Western civilization that we see today can be attributed to the ancient Romans, such as governments, laws and transport networks. But one of the most lasting [...]

The beautiful city of Florence is not only known for its incredible architecture and priceless works of art, but also for its flowers! There are many beautiful gardens in Florence, which are simply packed with gorgeous flower varieties, lush fountains and numerous statues. So why not let yourself be dragged away from the hustle and [...]

The vintage Vespa is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised symbols of Italy. This simple, practical vehicle can be seen and heard in the main squares of towns and cities all over Italy, and is famous not only for its design, but also for being the first ever globally successful scooter. And it [...]

The region of Tuscany is home to picturesque countryside, amazing views and incredible beaches. But one part that really stands out among the others, is the Ligurian coast. With its collection of compact settlements, including Portovenere and the famous Cinque Terre, the stunning views, natural stone houses and winding streets make this area of Tuscany [...]

Undoubtedly one of the most famous saints of Siena, is Catherine of Siena. Born in 1347, this woman was to become an incredibly important figure in Italian history, and later would even be declared a patron saint of Italy. But although much of the information about Catherine is factual, there is also a very special [...]

It’s the car that represents Italy, the Italian people and the escape from a very turbulent period in history. A humble yet stylish vehicle, the vintage Fiat 500 truly represents Italian culture and is synonymous with the easy going dolce vita style. Fiat products are developed and driven not only in Italy, but worldwide, and [...]

How to make handmade pasta

As one of the main ingredients for the Italian primo piatto or first course, pasta is used frequently in Italian cuisine. Known and eaten all over the world, pasta can be made in different ways, and can be served with a variety of sauces and other ingredients. There are many different types of pasta, and [...]


Christmas in Florence is not to be missed. To celebrate the festive season, Florence’s streets and historic centre come alive with Christmas magic. Nativities of all shapes and sizes can be found in and around Florence. Many are lifelike and others are, well, actually alive!

Leaning Tower Pisa Tour

All over the world, there are a great number of incredible architectural structures. Many of them grand, elegant and vast in their size and influence. But there is one structure, one very famous piece of architecture than is known not for its grandness, elegance or size, but instead for the fact that it’s, well, totally [...]

Roberto Benigni - Tuscany, Italy

Ask any Italian to name a fantastic Italian film and you can almost guarantee they will say ‘La Vita è Bella!‘ (whilst gesticulating wildly to express just how good the film really is). And what makes this film so great? Well, it’s not only the touching story of a Jewish man, finding ways to help [...]

The Basilica of Saint Francis, in Assisi

Nestled on a hilltop in the region of Umbria, lies the magnificent settlement of Assisi. Part of the province of Perugia, this town is known all over the world. You may have heard the name ‘Assisi’, and perhaps may have thought of it as some kind of ‘important religious place with a great big church’. [...]

San Gimignano, Siena - Tuscany

Situated in the unspoilt Tuscan countryside and overlooking the Elsa Valley at no less than 334 metres high, is the medieval town of San Gimignano, (yes, it is rather tricky to pronounce!) with its famous ‘belle Torri’ or ‘beautiful towers’. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, the towers were used to watch out for [...]

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