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One of the most popular Tuscan desserts is the delicious cantucci biscuit, or to use its Italian name: Cantucci di Prato. They originate from Prato, which is the second largest city in Tuscany, and is home to many culinary specialities. So, what makes these biscuits so special, and more importantly, how do you make them?

Florence is well-known for its fantastic shopping opportunities. From small, family owned shops selling local handicrafts to glitzy designer boutiques, Florence has it all. This renaissance city is also home to a wonderful array of markets. You can find all kinds of bargains at these popular markets in Florence, so why not take a stroll [...]

Undoubtedly one of the most famous and delicious dishes from Tuscany is the Florentine steak, or bistecca alla fiorentina. This legendary Florentine steak recipe requires strict preparation to ensure it’s done in the correct Florentine way, and it’s a dish that is definitely not for the vegetarians among you!

Terrific Tiramisu


One of the most popular Italian desserts is the Tiramisu. But a classic tiramisu is not just a yummy, gooey, coffee flavoured end to your meal. With a disputed history and a host of variations on the tiramisu recipe, this Italian dolce is much more than just a delicious dessert.

How to make handmade pasta

As one of the main ingredients for the Italian primo piatto or first course, pasta is used frequently in Italian cuisine. Known and eaten all over the world, pasta can be made in different ways, and can be served with a variety of sauces and other ingredients. There are many different types of pasta, and [...]

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