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Check out this category for some interesting and occasionally gory details on some famous Italians and their connections with Tuscany and the surrounding area. Learn about Catherine of Sienna with a Siena guided tour, discover how Girolamo Savonarolo met his death in Florence’s Piazza Signoria, and encounter the Medici family’s secrets in the Palazzo Vecchio.

There have been a great number of famous Tuscan people throughout history, and many of these are known for their contribution to Italian fashion and style. One of these famous Italians is Guccio Gucci. The story of Gucci and the famous fashion house is an interesting one, so read on for some interesting Guccio Gucci [...]

  The beautiful Renaissance city of Florence was the home to one of the most famous and influential families in all of the city’s history. The family in question is of course the Medici family, who were not only incredibly powerful but also extremely wealthy. One of the most important members of this Florentine family [...]

Roberto Benigni - Tuscany, Italy

Ask any Italian to name a fantastic Italian film and you can almost guarantee they will say ‘La Vita è Bella!‘ (whilst gesticulating wildly to express just how good the film really is). And what makes this film so great? Well, it’s not only the touching story of a Jewish man, finding ways to help [...]

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