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One of the most popular Tuscan desserts is the delicious cantucci biscuit, or to use its Italian name: Cantucci di Prato. They originate from Prato, which is the second largest city in Tuscany, and is home to many culinary specialities. So, what makes these biscuits so special, and more importantly, how do you make them?

Every year, the Tuscan city of Siena hosts one of the most historic and colourful events in Italy. The event, which dates back to 1281, is the Siena Palio. The Palio is an important horserace that takes place around the Piazza del Campo. Practically the whole city gets involved, but it isn’t just the race [...]

Are you keen on experiencing some incredible Italian opera? Well, look no further than the Renaissance city of Florence. Opera is a product of Florentine thinkers and dates back to the sixteenth century, when a rise in theatrical performances took place under the powerful Medici rule. So why not enjoy opera at its very famous, [...]

Situated in the magnificent Tuscan countryside, lies the small hill top town of Montalcino. Known as a medieval settlement, this town has in fact been inhabited since Etruscan times, and its slopes are covered with olive orchards and productive vines. These vines are accredited with producing one of the most famous Italian wines, namely the [...]

The vintage Vespa is, without a doubt, one of the most recognised symbols of Italy. This simple, practical vehicle can be seen and heard in the main squares of towns and cities all over Italy, and is famous not only for its design, but also for being the first ever globally successful scooter. And it [...]

There are many shopping tours in Florence, Italy, but none quite convey the beauty and creativity of this incredible city, like a Florentine handicraft tour. Traditionally, handicraft in Tuscany was one of the most important activities used to bolster the region’s economy, and there’s no better place to gain an insight into the true artistic [...]

It’s the car that represents Italy, the Italian people and the escape from a very turbulent period in history. A humble yet stylish vehicle, the vintage Fiat 500 truly represents Italian culture and is synonymous with the easy going dolce vita style. Fiat products are developed and driven not only in Italy, but worldwide, and [...]

How to make handmade pasta

As one of the main ingredients for the Italian primo piatto or first course, pasta is used frequently in Italian cuisine. Known and eaten all over the world, pasta can be made in different ways, and can be served with a variety of sauces and other ingredients. There are many different types of pasta, and [...]

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